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Welcome to Peak Paleo! A project in understanding the affect of crossfit and a Paleo lifestyle on one's body and mind.

What started as a 30 day challenge has turned into a lifestyle and I'd like to share my experiences with you to help others make the positive change.
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I love doing this, but don’t do it nearly enough!  I do use a coffee grinder but it is only for spices…need to get me a spice grinder though!



It’s Day 14 — you still with me? Now that we’re two weeks into the Whole30®, your palate’s probably craving some variety — and there’s no better way to keep things lively than with fragrant, flavorful spices and blends.


I love buying spice blends from specialty stores like Penzeys Spices and Spice Hound. Every time I visit my local Penzeys, I get lost in the intoxicating scents of the seasonings on the shelves.


I know I’m not alone. I mean, people STARTED WARS and DISCOVERED CONTINENTS over spices. They even write love notes to spices.


Sadly, spice blends aren’t cheap or easily accessible to everyone. You can easily drop a small fortune on little jars of powder — provided you can even find a specialty seller that offers the uniquely tantalizing combinations of spices you’re seeking.


So what’s the best way to maximize flavor while minimizing cost?

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